BkMk Press Books

Dissolving Island, The


By Rigsbee, David

Poetry. "The work of a raconteur of the spirit, a splendid storyteller with just enough jaunty language to make you feel you'd want to hear almost anything he had to say. He is elegiac and disciplined, rapturous and suspicious, but more than anyth...

Blue Beat Syncopation


By Banks, Stanley E.

Poetry. African American. "Along with his mentor Langston Hughes, Banks is one of the few po...


Poems and other Retina Prints

By Goldring, Elizabeth

When artist and poet Elizabeth Goldring found a way to use technology for visual art, the images she captured on her damaged retinas became "frozen traces of seeing, the memory of words that move and flow into meaning...

Kentucky Swami


By Skeen, Tim

  Winner of the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, Selected by Michael Burns   Poetry. "Tim Skeen's John Ciardi Prize-winning collection reveals a distanced compa...

In the Knees of the Gods


By Reeves, Trish

Poetry. Gay / Lesbian. "Compressed as these spare lyrics are, they open to an unmistakable amplitude: the life of feeling honored, observed, sung. "...luck could sing from every word on this page," Trish Reeves writes; these moving and genuine poe...

Father's Mechanical Universe


By Heller, Steve

In Father's Mechanical Universe, the American Dream is a quart low and the Kellerman family has to use all its ingenuity, wit and love to keep its motor running. Steve Heller has written a touching, elegiac book that ...

Playing the Word


By Jaffe, Dan

Poetry. "Dan Jaffe's celebration of jazz is so vivid and passionate I could hear the tunes and see the smoke. It was 3 a.m. and I had no thought of going home until the last note was played. This book is a great work of love" --James Tate. ...

Iris Rising


By Woessner, Warren

"In Woessner's world, it's the humans that often form the background to the nature that is so present and alive, you'll discover yourself looking around as if you've never been here before--a survivor who must learn to read the signs of birds, tre...

Almanac for Desire


By Fincke, Gary

  It's almost impossible to find the one significant thing to say about Gary Fincke. This poet does so many things right, and these poems discover so many good places, that any review of the book will smack of reductionism. --...

Wolf Howl


By Blessington, Francis

Francis Blessington uses words as though they supremely matter. Even his longest poems are terse. Challenging, fresh, compressed—a blen...

Family of Mirrors


By Chandra, G.S. Sharat

Cultural streams of India and England blend, with a startlingly American tinge to the waters. Here is one poet whose by-line always makes me sit up and pay attention. --X.J. Kennedy ...

Resurrection Machine, The


By Gehrke, Steve

  Winner of the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, Selected by Miller Williams Miller Williams selected this book to receive the first John Ciardi Award for Poetry, sponsored by BkMk Press of the University of Missouri-Kansas C...

Pro Femina


By Kizer, Carolyn

A first-wave feminist Ur-text. . . --Publishers Weekly It's an extraordinary piece of writing, unlike anything else I know in literature Powerful in its argument, witty and appealing in its manner, and very, very well writ...

Woman in the Next Booth, The


By McDougall, Jo

Publication Date: May 25, 2000 These poems span a wide range of subjects, including love and death, pathos and humor, and the extraordinary dimensions of such deceptively ordinary topics as "Women Married to Houses," "The ...

American Royal, The


By Paxton, Heather

Anyone who's a local history buff, or savvy to the importance of farming and ranching to our local lifestyle, will find The American Royal: 1899-1999 a valuable addition to their library. -- Kansas City Magazi...

Advancement of Ignorance, The

By VanWert, William

  This collection of satirical stories uses the life of Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez as a theme upon which to improvise imaginary through irreverent encounters between Cortez and other historical figures, including Erasmus, Martin...

Man in the Buick, The

and other Stories

By George, Kathleen

George doesn't waste a word as she plunges the reader into her characters' lives with startling intensity, then skillfully reveals as much about them as it is necessary to know . . . These masterfully shaped stories mark George as a writer to watc...

Fall From Grace


By Buckley, Christopher

  Finalist, Paterson Poetry Prize   "He has an exquisite ear for language and a gutsy way of blending bravado with humility. To...

Seeing the Darkness

By Cutler, Bruce

['Angelita' has] sweeping narrative power, gorgeous visual detail, and varied and surprising music, the range of whose modulations is most effective when the poem is read aloud. A waiting minefield of sentimentality, occasionally but triumphantly ...


Vietnam Stories

By Mort, John

The most vivid and upsetting piece of writing on Vietnam I've ever read.—Peter Meinke Chilling glimpses of the Vietnam War. These are terrifying but sensitive stories.—Bobbie Ann Mason ...

Body & Blood

By Russell, Philip

  A quiet fire runs through Philip Russell's Body & Blood. Each story is a flame casting light on the theater of love and loneliness. --Robert Solomon Philip Russell's work is finely tuned to the ...

Journey Cake


By Neville, Tam Lin

[Neville] draws from folk literature a particular love of the humble, the singular, the lonely, as if they speak more accurately of the soul. Her poems span time and culture, taking in ancient and...

At the Dead Center of Day


By Bargen, Walter

At the Dead Center of Day continues Walter Bargen's lifelong and intrepid journey into the dark heart of the 20th-century experience. Though the horrors of that journey accorded their place--from the Kristallnacht to the L.A. riots, from a flashba...

Inverted Fire


By Friman, Alice

Poetry. "Almost no one is good at both short and long poems, but Alice Friman is. Her poems 'Turnip' and 'Cherries' have sharp language, imagination and alert observation. INVERTED FIRE is good, a must" --Leo Connellan. In a poem on the de...

Kansas City Outloud II


By Jaffe, Dan

Nearly a decade and a half ago, BkMk Press published the first Kansas City Outloud. S...

Deliberate and Accidental Acts


By Wilson, Thomas Zvi

This poet writes without claiming anything that isn't true, plain, and as honest as it gets. And--wonder of wonders in these days of self-indulgent wandering--he knows what a line is, its wonderful limitations. Thomas...

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