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Studies on Zone


By Brand, Alice Glarden

Worldly, rich, and sympathetic. Moving from observations to conversations to assertions. A master of the nuance of history and its broad sweep through our lives, Alice Brand is at heart a master singer of our communal...

Kisses in the Raw Night


By Garton, Victoria

Victoria Garton 64 pages, $8.95 cloth ISBN 0-933532-69-5 Poems as decorative antique boxes within boxes: "The Music Box," "Pandora's Box," "The Story Box,...

Paper Crown


By Hawkins, Tom

Tom Hawkins is a true master of what is perhaps the most difficult of all literary forms, the short-short story. . . . Paper Crown is a boo...

Press Box and City Room

By Gurley, George H

Simpson is more than a poet writing about sports. He is in passionate form. Gurley was a poet and a playwright, and his ability with words is clear. --Bill McClellan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sports enthusiasts will enjoy t...

To Veronica's New Lover

By Dion, Marc Munroe

Backlist Poetry Collection.   ...

Seasons of the River


By Jaffe, Dan


Before the Light


By Lauter, Ken

A dark world is explored in three technically brilliant sequences about a "snuff" film, the murder of a retarded adult with mental disabilities by his troubled father, and the making of the atomic bomb as perceived by...


Selected Poems

By Smith, Mbembe Milton

Finalist, Montaigne Medal, Eric Hoffer Award Mbembe (Milton Smith) was a very fi ne poet, and he is greatly missed on the contemporary poetry scene. His poems were extremely well-crafted, sharp-edged, poetic urban sna...

Record-Breaking Heat Wave


By Friedman, Jeff

Urban poetry, working-class poetry, strongly felt, carefully observed, cleanly written. --Donald Justice Friedman relates his experiences with a bold exuberance a...

Artificial Horizon


By Gonzales, Laurence

Laurence Gonzales is former co-editor of TriQuarterly.  He is also a fromer Contributing Editor of Paris Review.  He has published three critically acclaim...

Hippopotamus, The

Selected Translations 1945-1985

By Guenther, Charles

Translations ...

HI-Fi/The False Bottom

By Stefanovski, Goran

Hi-Fi and the False Bottom contains compelling works probing the psyche of post-war Eastern Europe at the moment disintegration threatened both Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. Stefanovski's plays give us the eternal tightrope and the...

Dark Fire

By Cutler, Bruce

A lively, imaginative and finely crafted tale of modern life. Such poetry can scintillate. --Judson Jerome, Writers Digest A very professional, devoted, consisten...

Writing in Winter

By Scheerer, Constance

Backlist Poetry Collection ...

Modern Interiors

By Gosnell, Stephen

Gosnell is a painter, printmaker and writer. He teaches in the Department of Art and Art ...

Selected Poems--Knoepfle

By Knoepfle, John

"Among the finest work of our time." --Abraxas "Clear, virile, and honest. Vivid with image, rich in sound fitted meticulously to rhythms. Recommended for all public and academic libraries." ...

Wild Bouquet


By Martinson, Harry

He writes with profound empathy...in poem after poem Martinson invests his trees, brooks, his butterflies, cabbages and everything else in nature with its own peculiar sentient being. As for the translations into Engl...

In the Middle

Midwestern Women Poets

By Wheeler, Sylvia Griffith

This anthology not only takes readers into the landscape of the American Midwest, but also into the hearts and minds of talented women poets living there. It verifies how specific ...

Stealing Home


By Simpson, Peter

Backlist Poetry Collection ...

Moving the Seasons


By Guenther, Charles

..splendid translations...I am reading it with interest and delight and gratitude...and have much to learn from [Charles Guenther's] enviable skills and long devotions.—Howard Nemerov I love French poetry and there's...

Fields, Turfs, Pitches, Arenas


By Kostelanetz, Richard

What I do know is that the book makes me more than a spectator. I drop into a language process, a game circumstance of a special kind.—Dan Jaffe ...

Fugues in the Plumbing


By Gurley, George H. Jr.

Poems in this book previously appeared in such publications as Poetry Northwest, Seattle Review, Nimrod, Kansas Quarterly, and Cottonwood. George Gur...

Lyrics and Laments


By Schwartz, Howard

Lyrics and Laments collects fifty translations of poems by contemporary Hebrew and Yiddish poets, as rendered into English by Howard Schwartz. Many of these translations, collected here for the first time, have been p...



By & Grossman, Martin

Back List Poetry Anthology ...

Starting from Ellis Island


By Higgins, Frank

Backlist ...

Geronimo and the Girl Next Door

By Cuomo, George

This is Cuomo's first collection of poetry, though his poems have been published in Saturday Review...

Kansas City Literary Events

Brimhall, D’Agostino & Faus

Saturday, February 17, 2018
Kansas City, Mo.


New Letters on the Air Archive Audio on The Paris Review Podcast

The Paris Review’s podcast for Wed., Jan. 31, 2018, will feature John Ashbery reading his poem “Soonest Mended,” from a 1986 New Letters on the Air program. More information and links to The Paris Review Podcast here.


Clarion Awards Selection CD Special

Jamaica KincaidJim ShepardGloria Vando & Anika ParisLuis Alberto Urrea, and Alex George, normally $7.99 per episode, this cd collection comes with over $15.00 in savings. Downloads of these programs have been reduced and are available through our archives.