New Letters magazine

Volume 37 No. 3 (spring, 1971)

  • Essays & Articles

  • 165 /

    Jakobsonian Poetics and Evaluative Criticism

    , Morton W. Bloomfield
  • 174 /

    Stylistic Ambivalence in Chaucer, Yeats, and Lucretius—The Cresting Wave and Its Undertow

    , Francis Lee Utley
  • 199 /

    The Structure of Fiction

    , Seymour Chatman
  • 215 /

    Memphian Chivalry: Milton's Busiris, Etymology and Chronography

    , John M. Steadman
  • 232 /

    Francis Christensen in Yoknapatawpha County

    , Herbert R. Eschliman
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