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Bourjaily (April 23, 1982)

Vance Bourjaily - Bourjaily reads excerpts from three novels: NOW PLAYING AT CANTERBURY, A GAME MEN

Creeley (September 25, 1981)

Robert Creeley - A recording of Creeley, the cofounder of the Black Mountain School of Poetry, at a

Engle & Langton (January 22, 1982)

Paul Engle - Paul Engle and Charles Langton are two poets closely associated with the Iowa Writers'

Engle & Langton A (January 22, 1982)

Charles Langton - Paul Engle and Charles Langton are two poets closely associated with the Iowa Writ

Etter (September 13, 1981)

Dave Etter - Etter's books include CORNFIELDS and CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. The poems in this reading d

Goedicke II (November 13, 1981)

Patricia Goedicke - Both Programs I & II feature Goedicke's poetry readings. In the second, she

Goldensohn (April 19, 1981)

Lorrie Goldensohn - Goldensohn reads poetry from her collections DREAMWORK and TETHER.

Grossman (December 4, 1981)

Allen Grossman - Allen Grossman has written THE WOMAN ON THE BRIDGE OVER THE CHICAGO RIVER and other

Gurley & Novak (June 8, 1981)

George Gurley - George Gurley is the author of FUGUES IN THE PLUMBING, a book of poems. Novak's book

Gurley & Novak A (June 8, 1981)

Michael Novak - George Gurley is the author of FUGUES IN THE PLUMBING, a book of poems. Novak's book

Hall J.B. II (March 29, 1981)

James B. Hall - For both Programs I & II, the California poet reads his poems. The second progra

Halpern (November 27, 1981)

Daniel Halpern - Halpern, a well-known magazine editor, was recorded during a public reading of his

Heffernan (March 12, 1982)

Michael Heffernan - This program features Heffernan reading from THE CRY OF OLIVER HARDY, a book of

Hitchcock (March 15, 1981)

George Hitchcock - Hitchcock, a California poet and former editor of KAYAK magazine, talks about his

Knoepfle (March 9, 1981)

John Knoepfle - This program is a recording of Knoepfle at a Kansas City public reading. An Illinois

Levine, Philip (February 15, 1981)

Philip Levine - This program features National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award win

Mayo (January 26, 1981)

, published by NEW LETTERS in 1981.

McConkey (January 11, 1981)

James McConkey - McConkey reads fiction from THE TREE HOUSE CONFESSIONS and discusses his work.

McKinley, James (December 16, 1981)

James McKinley - Former editor of New Letters magazine, James McKinley discusses his nonfi

Morley (September 18, 1981)

Hilda Morley - Morley, author of A BLESSING OUTSIDE US, reads about the lives of women in history an

Mueller (June 11, 1982)

Lisel Mueller - The Pulitzer Prize winner in poetry for 1997, Mueller translated the SELECTED LATER

Peacock I (January 14, 1981)

Molly Peacock - Peacock reads poems from her book AND LIVE APART.

Ray D 4 (January 28, 1981)


Smith, Dave (May 18, 1981)

Dave Smith - The poet, writer, critic, editor, and educator Dave Smith reads a selection of his

Smith, W (January 1, 1982)

William Jay Smith - Smith reads from THE TRAVELER'S TREE: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS and talks about his

Swanger (March 19, 1981)

David Swanger - California writer Swanger is the author of THE SHAPE OF WATER and INSIDE THE HORSE.

Swenson I (April 16, 1982)

Karen Swenson - Swenson, a feminist poet, is author of AN ATTIC OF IDEALS and EAST WEST. She reads 1

Young D (February 26, 1981)

David Young - Young, a poet, is author of SWEATING OUT THE WINTER, BOXCAR, and THE NAMES OF A HARE I

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Winner Announced: New Letters Publication Award in Fiction

Congrats to Donna Gordon for winning the $750.00 New Letters Publication Award in Fiction for her story "Primates." The final judge was Anthony Grooms. More info on the winner, finalists, & judges here:


Clarion Awards Selection CD Special

Jamaica KincaidJim ShepardGloria Vando & Anika ParisLuis Alberto Urrea, and Alex George, normally $7.99 per episode, this cd collection comes with over $15.00 in savings. Downloads of these programs have been reduced and are available through our archives.