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Alcosser (October 11, 1985)

Sandra Alcosser - Sandra Alcosser reads from A FISH TO FEED ALL HUNGER. In the collection, nature fo

Baker W (July 26, 1985)

Will Baker - Poet and nonfiction writer Will Baker reads poems, some relating to farm life in Califo

Bell M II (January 25, 1985)

Marvin Bell - Bell talks about his work and reads poems including the title piece from DRAWN BY STON

Bertolino (October 4, 1985)

James Bertolino - Bertolino, of Washington state, has edited more than 60 books and anthologies. Her

Cooley (May 30, 1986)

Peter Cooley - In this recording, the New Orleans poet and contributing editor of the NORTH AMERICAN

Curtis (September 27, 1985)

urtis, a Welsh poet who won a 1985 award from the British National Poetry Society, reads poems about

Dove I (August 9, 1985)

Rita Dove - Dove, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet now teaching in Virginia, reads from THE YELLOW HOUS

Goodman (October 25, 1985)

Mitchell Goodman - Goodman, who is also known as a novelist and political activist, reads from his p

Hecht I (March 29, 1985)

Anthony Hecht - Hecht talks about the way poetry changed during the 1960s and shares his advice for

Jackson, Angela (August 8, 1986)

Angela Jackson - Chicago poet Angela Jackson reads from her collections Voodoo/Love Magic and Solo i

Jaffe I (April 12, 1985)

Dan Jaffe - Jaffe reads a short story and excerpts from THE MUSCLES AND BONES THAT CARRY US TO LOVE,

Janik (November 8, 1985)

Phyllis Janik - Janik, a Chicago author, reads new poems, as well as an excerpt from her novel ENDIN

Juergensen & Ciardi (November 29, 1985)

Hans Juergensen - Ciardi and Juergensen, two authors and veterans, share some poems and tales about

Juergensen & Ciardi A (November 29, 1985)

John Ciardi - These two authors and veterans share some poems and tales about their World War II exp

Kessler (January 10, 1986)

Rod Kessler - Kessler reads two short stories from his award-winning collection OFF IN ZIMBABWE: "Th

Kizer, Carolyn (July 12, 1985)

e of her longer poetry at the 1985 Associated Writing Program Conference in San Diego. This program

Morin (December 6, 1985)

Edward Morin - Morin, a Michigan poet and author of THE DUST OF OUR CITY, reads a selection from HOT

Mort (December 6, 1985)

John Mort - Mort reads "The New Captain" from TANKS, a collection of Vietnam stories, and discusses

Nicholson & Taylor (May 17, 1985)

Joseph Nicholson - Nicholson reads a sequence of prose poems and short fiction pieces; Taylor reads

Nicholson & Taylor A (May 17, 1985)

William E. Taylor - Nicholson reads a sequence of prose poems and short fiction pieces; Taylor read

O'Brien M & Olds (April 19, 1985)

Michael O'Brien - Two New York poets read from their work; O'Brien from VEIL, HARD RAIN and Olds fro

O'Brien M & Olds A (April 19, 1985)

Sharon Olds - Two New York poets read from their work; O'Brien from VEIL, HARD RAIN and Olds from SA

Ochester (May 24, 1985)

Ed Ochester - Ochester reads poems, mostly from his book WEEHAKWEN FERRY.

Oles (September 6, 1985)


Olson T II (September 20, 1985)

Toby Olson - Olson reads a selection of poems from WE ARE THE FIRE and an excerpt from his award-win

Petrakis (November 1, 1985)

Harry Mark Petrakis - Petrakis, a Greek storyteller and novelist from Chicago, reads "Pa and the Sad

Quinn & Moses (February 14, 1986)

Sister Bernetta Quinn - Two Midwestern poets read poems about poets, the prairie, and American pione

Quinn & Moses A (February 14, 1986)

W.R. Moses - Two Midwestern poets read poems about poets, the prairie, and American pioneer history.

Ray D 6 (April 26, 1985)


Rivers (December 27, 1985)

J.W. Rivers - Rivers reads from WHEN THE OWL CRIES, INDIANS DIE, which tells about Mexican history a

Shacochis (April 4, 1986)

Shacochis - Shacochis won the 1985 National Book Award for EASY IN THE ISLANDS. Here he reads "Hunge

Shelton (June 14, 1985)

Richard Shelton - Shelton reads from SELECTED POEMS, 1969-1981, about the Sonora Desert and the coll

Svoboda (December 13, 1985)

Terese Svoboda - Svoboda reads from her book ALL ABERRATION, poems about the prairie, urban life, an

Wideman, John Edgar (November 12, 1985)

Edgar Wideman - While at the 1985 Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference, John Edga

Williams, Miller (August 22, 1986)

Miller Williams - Miller Williams, the winner of the 1990 Poets' Prize, is a noted poet, editor, and

Carolyn Kizer: Past American Voice (March 20, 2015)

pts from two live readings in 1985 and 2000, as well as interviews from 1994 with Rebekah Presson an

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