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Ai (February 5, 1988)

Ai - Ai is best known for her persona poems. She reads two from her book SIN and from a long poem-i

Bowers (April 28, 1989)

Neal Bowers - An Iowa poet, Bowers reads from a series of love poems and from his book THE GOLF BALL

Boyd (December 11, 1987)

Blanche McCrary Boyd - A humor writer for the VILLAGE VOICE and the author of THE REDNECK WAY OF KNO

Brock-Broido (May 1, 1987)

Lucie Brock-Broido - The poetry winner of the 1986 NEW LETTERS Literary Awards reads from her prize-

Cherry I (April 10, 1987)

Kelly Cherry - Widely published poet and fiction writer Kelly Cherry reads poems arising from coming

Cheuse (October 16, 1987)

Alan Cheuse - NPR's book reviewer is also the author of several books of fiction. Here he reads from

Codrescu (January 1, 1988)

Andrei Codrescu - Codrescu is the author of several volumes of poetry and two autobiographies. He co

Dickey I (December 4, 1987)

James Dickey - Dickey won the National Book Award in 1966 for BUCKDANCER'S CHOICE, but he is best kn

Dillard (October 2, 1987)

Annie Dillard - Dillard won the 1975 Pulitzer Prize in nonfiction for A PILGRIM AT TINKER CREEK. On

Edmond (March 20, 1987)

Lauris Edmond - A New Zealand poet and winner of the prestigious Commonwealth Award, Edmond reads po

Ford, Richard (November 6, 1987)

Richard Ford - Richard Ford reads from The Sportswriter, which has been called, "A beautif

Gonzales (June 19, 1987)

Laurence Gonzales - Gonzales has worked for literary presses, slick magazines, and Hollywood movies.

Hall D (May 8, 1987)

Donald Hall - Hall gave up his job as a professor to move with his wife, poet Jane Kenyon, to his an

Kenyon I (May 15, 1987)

Jane Kenyon - New Hampshire poet Kenyon was named as one of America's most promising poets at a Libr

Kisubi (March 27, 1987)

Alfred Kisubi - Originally from Uganda, Kisubi fled Kenya to escape the tyranny of Idi Amin. He read

Kittredge (September 11, 1987)

William Kittredge - Kittredge talks about leaving his half-million acre Oregon farm to live in a Mon

Kumin, Maxine (June 10, 1988)

Maxine Kumin - The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Maxine Kumin, talks about the challenges she fa

Langland (October 9, 1987)

Joseph Langland - Langland's book of poems ANY BODY'S SONG was hailed by many as the best in the Nat

McCarriston (June 5, 1987)

Linda McCarriston - McCarriston has received acclaim for her poems about spousal abuse. Here she rea

McDougall, Jo (November 13, 1987)

Jo McDougall - Even though she didn’t begin to write in earnest until her children were grown,

Perera (March 6, 1987)

Padma Perera - Originally from India, Perera reads from her poetry and prose, including the book BIR

Pettit (November 18, 1988)

Michael Pettit - Pettit talks about his writing and reads poems from CARDINAL POINTS.

Ray D 3 (April 5, 1987)

David Ray - Ray reads from SAM'S BOOK, which is dedicated to the memory of Ray's son, Samuel Cyrus D

Rhodes II (May 22, 1987)

Richard Rhodes - Rhodes reads from and discusses his book THE MAKING OF THE ATOMIC BOMB, which won t

Robison (September 18, 1987)

James Robison - This frequent contributor to THE NEW YORKER reads "Envy," a piece from RUMOR AND OTH

Scary Poems (October 23, 1987)

Scary Poems Scary Poems - Celebrate Halloween with America's most frightening poems written by a var

Simpson M (January 15, 1988)

Mona Simpson - Simpson reads from ANYWHERE BUT HERE, her acclaimed first novel, and discusses why he

Stanford (September 4, 1985)

Ann Stanford - The California poet was recorded in a live reading of her nature poems, as well as po

Stern D (November 27, 1987)

Daniel Stern - Stern is the author of 10 books, including his well-known 1968 novel, THE SUICIDE ACA

Sze, Arthur (March 13, 1987)

Arthur Sze - Arthur Sze is a second-generation Chinese-American poet. In this program, he reads from

Updike I (April 24, 1987)

John Updike - On both programs, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the four "Rabbit" novels reads

Updike II (September 25, 1987)

John Updike - On both programs, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the four "Rabbit" novels reads

Viereck (June 12, 1987)

Peter Viereck - Viereck won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry in 1949 for TERROR AND DECORUM. Here he rea

Waldman, Anne (September 28, 1989)

Anne Waldman - Anne Waldman, one of the few women to rise to prominence among the Beats, reads poems

Woods (January 16, 1987)

John Woods - Woods is a Michigan poet and author of many books of poetry. On this recording, he read

Maxine Kumin: Past American Voice (February 28, 2014)

ng interviews from 1980, 1987, and 2002, as well as excerpts from a 2002 live reading, featurin

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